“Monsturd kicks almost all other horror movies on their fat, bloody asses. You'll never use your toilet again."
-Jasper, The Poop Report

“Visually, Monsturd is far more impressive than most other shot on video films like The Blair Witch Project."
-Scott Foy, Ain’t it Cool News

“Even if I have to bet my house to get you to watch it, you will find Monsturd to be damned funny.”
-Allen Richards, B-Independent

“My butt cheeks are clenched in anticipation of Popko and West’s next film.”
-John W. Bowen, Rue Morge

“The acting is great, the directing is fast-paced and the score is incredible for a movie on this budget level."
-Chris Sharp, Hitch Magazine

“It’s not just a movie, it’s movement!”
-Beth Horne/Dale Posner, San Francisco Examiner

“Lord knows, the last thing you should do is “pooh, pooh” this piece of work.”
-Charles McDermid, St. Helena Star

“It’s hard not to come out in support of a movie about a giant, man-eating poop monster that terrorizes the chili-chomping population of an innocent small town.”
-Cheryl Eddy, San Francisco Bay Guardian

It's the best made really disgusting movie I've ever seen. I loved it.
-Dave Friedman

MONSTURD wins "Best Indie/B-Movie of 2003" on horrorreview.com!
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